Upcoming Gigs

Gig list 2018

20th January – Tilehurst British Legion

28th April - Falkners Arms, Fleet

11th May – Crossley Club, Lightwater

18th May – Bier Keller, Bracknell

2nd June – Tilehurst British Legion

7th July – Private function

26th July – Propaganda, Fleet

20th October – Wheatley, Oxfordshire

24th November - Falkners Arms, Fleet

15th December – Tilehurst British Legion

23rd December – Propaganda, Fleet

Gig list 2017

28th January – Private function

27th May - Falkners Arms, Fleet

10th June – Crossley Club, Lightwater

17th June - Bier Keller, Bracknell

12th August – Wedding, Sandhurst

23rd September – Crossley Club, Lightwater

28th September – Private function, Wokingham

21st October - Falkners Arms, Fleet

18th November – Private function, Farnham

Gig list 2016

5th February: Cedar Tree, Bagshot

13th February: Faulkners Arms, Fleet

29th April: Crossley Club, Lightwater

30th April: Bier Keller, Bracknell

4th June: Private function, Farnham

11th June: Private function, Ealing

15th July: Cedar Tree, Bagshot

16th July: Faulkners Arms, Fleet

14th October: Bier Keller, Bracknell

5th November: Faulkners Arms, Fleet

12th November: Crossley Club, Lightwater

26th November: Private function, Farnham

16th December: Cedar Tree, Bagshot

If you want to see us play at a venue near you please contact us with the details & we'll see if we can make it work!



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